Quality Criteria

  • Following are the general and specific criteria that make up the foundation of the Vakinn quality system.
  • Prospective applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the applicable criteria prior to submitting applications.
  • To be certified tourism providers must meet 70% of the general quality criteria and 100% of the specific quality criteria relevant to the categories within which they operate. 
  • The following criteria are third edition of the specific quality criteria, including criteria for several new categories of tourism services.

General quality criteria

The general criteria consists of seven chapters:

  1. Sale and purchase of goods and services
  2. Service and customer satisfaction
  3. Facilities, equipment and immediate environment
  4. Management and staff
  5. Culture and history
  6. Safety, welfare and responsibility
  7. Company management and overall performance

The criteria within each chapter is on three levels, good, better and best, the levels are for guidance only.

All companies do however have to fulfil the minimum requirements. 

To attain certification tourism providers have to fulfil 70% of the general criteria.

All participants must agree to operate according to Vakinn's code of ethics.

General criteria (pdf)