Why Vakinn - quotes from participants

Vakinn, an efficient method of monitoring company internal operation

Eva María

We, in Pink Iceland, took the decision to join Vakinn because we wanted, above all, to be active participants in the development of the country´s tourism industry, where issues such as quality, environmental matters, knowledge, integrity, safety and ethics are the company´s guiding light.

We regard Vakinn as an efficient method of monitoring our internal operation which is externally reflected to our clients and partners. As soon as we gave ourselves time to sit down and consider what kind of work procedures we wanted to follow in the future, the process of application turned out to be far less complicated than it had appeared to be at first. We were offered assistance from some great people at the Icelandic Tourist Board who provided access to clear and helpful data, which set us on the right path. The biggest step is making the decision to start. Vakinn membership helps us to work better and follow the company’s aims which are built to a large extent on the owner´s outlook on life; that is the heart of the matter!

A quality control system such as Vakinn encourages a continuous process of improvement and measurable targets as well as increasing the supervision of quality, ethical and environmental matters. Looking to the future, a positive snowball effect will occur within the tourist trade as more and more tourism services decide to participate in Vakinn´s sensible way of building up this industry. By doing this it is possible to take a stand in the protection of tourism´s most valuable assets, nature and the people.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Eva María

Pink Iceland

Vakinn, quality and environmental system, is the right tool for us.


Our product is about creating a unique experience for our clients in the form of diving and snorkeling. This environment of these experiences demands that safety be the absolute priority. Quality and work protocols have therefore been a part of this company from the very start and continue to evolve with us. 

We were thrilled when Vakinn was introduced to Iceland as we strongly believe that customers have the right to know that when they buy a service that it is of high quality and that it is secure. Vakinn quality is in our opinion the correct tool to ensure that the service bought and delivered is exactly that

 Tobias Klose