VAKINN Code of Ethics

All companies participating in Vakinn must confirm and abide by the Vakinn Code of Ethics.

  1. The Company provides its customers with courteous and reliable service.
  2. The company maintains and respects confidentiality and discretion in all customer relations.
  3. The company is guided by professionalism, honesty and fairness in all communications and business transactions.
  4. The company treats its employees and customers with equal respect and consideration regardless of e.g. gender, origin, culture, sexual orientation, religious preferences, age, social standing and physical aptitude.
  5.  The company ensures that all information provided to its customers is correct and that its advertising provides a truthful and reliable impression of its services and facilities.
  6. The company prices goods and services unambiguously and in compliance with current legislation.
  7. The company makes an effort to answer all enquiries and requests professionally and efficiently.
  8. The company guarantees a fair and prompt handling of complaints.
  9. The company upholds and observes all laws and regulations pertaining to its operation.
  10. The company ensures that its bookkeeping and accounting are conducted in a professional manner.
  11. The company meets all its responsibilities towards employees by observing current laws and collective labour agreements.
  12. The company ensures that all its employees receive proper training and that working conditions are appropriate.
  13. The company ensures the safety of its employees and customers by means of professional work practices and by maintaining high standards of facilities and equipment.
  14. The company demonstrates responsibility towards Iceland’s nature, environment and society.
  15. The company upholds the interests and reputation of Iceland as a high quality destination, emphasising  professionalism, hospitality, excellent service and sustainability.