Contact information

Contact information:

Vakinn- Geirsgata 9 -101 Reykjavík

Tel.: +354-535-5500 - Email:

Vakinn is operated by The Icelandic Tourist Board


  • Alda Þrastardóttir, Project Manager, Reykjavík
  • Áslaug Briem, Quality Control Supervisor, Reykjavík
  • Elías Bj. Gíslason, Director, Akureyri

 The following individuals comprise the project's steering team:

  • Elías Bj. Gíslason, Icelandic Tourist Board
  • Helga Árnadóttir, The Icelandic Travel Industry Association
  • Sigríður Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir, Innovation Center Iceland
  • Berglind Viktorsdóttir, Hey Iceland
  • Einar Torfi Finnsson, Icelandic Mountainguides

The role of the steering team is as follows:

  • Ensure Vakinn's implementation
  • Discuss and agree on changes to criteria
  • Discuss and agree on new criteria.

Board of Appeals  

The function of the Board of Appeals is as follows:  

  1. To solve contentious issues concerning assessments.
  2. To award exemption from the criteria if substantiated reasons are presented.
  3. To solve other disputes that may come up. 

Thank you for your assistance.

The Icelandic Tourist Board and the Vakinn steering group wish to express their thanks to the numerous contributors who have helped with the compilation of Vakinn criteria. This process has clearly demonstrated the strength, responsibility and exemplary leadership of many Icelandic tourism companies. Please accept our sincere thanks.