Membership fee

The Vakinn membership fee consists of a onetime application fee and an annual fee:

Application fee

The application fee is paid when the company applies for participation in Vakinn. Tourism providers that have paid the application fee and are actively working towards accreditation are listed on Vakinn's home page as members under evaluation.

BulletThe application fee is ISK 35,000 to be paid into account no.: 0101-26-25254, ID number: 530169-4059, payment confirmation to be e-mailed to

buletAccording to an agreement between the Icelandic Tourist Board and the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association, members of the association are exempt from the application fee.

Please note: The application fee is valid for one year only, companies that do not complete the application process within a year must renew their application and pay the application fee again.

If a company decides to withdraw from Vakinn for an unspecified length of time and then wishes to renew the contract, it must resubmit its application and pay a new application fee.

Annual Fee

The annual fee for Vakinn is based on the annual income/turnover of each company and the number of service categories assessed. 

1. Annual fee, turnover up to ISK 10 million ISK   45,000
2. Annual fee, turnover ISK 11-20 million ISK   55.000
3. Annual fee, turnover ISK 20-50 million ISK   75,000
4. Annual fee, turnover ISK 51-120 million    ISK   85,000
5 Annual fee, turnover ISK 121-200 million ISK 110,000
6. Annual fee, turnover ISK 201-400 million ISK 125,000
7 Annual fee, turnover over ISK 401 million ISK 150,000
  Tourism services other than accommodation, each activity beyond four  ISK   10,000
  Accommodation: Extra charge for each accommodation unit beyond one*   ISK   20,000
  Restaurant: Individual listing and accreditation** ISK   35,000
  Additional assessment ISK   35,000
  Additional listing on webpage ISK   35,000
  Additional accreditation certificate ISK     4,500
  Flag, extra ISK     3,500
  Vakinn sticker 11,5 x 7,0 cm ISK        500
  Vakinn sticker 8,3 x 5,0 cm ISK        300
    ISK        500


*Applies if the accommodation units are at the same address, otherwise the annual fee is based on the annual turnover of each unit.

**Applies to restaurants that are operated in connection with other services that have received Vakinn accreditation. 

When the application fee has been paid and a confirmation of payment emailed to, the applicant will be sent a confirmation that the application has been received and will be processed.


  1. Companies that have been participants in Vakinn for five years are granted a 10% discount on the turnover based annual fee .

  2. Chains and franchises with a 100% membership are granted a 15% discount on the turnover based annual fee for each member establishment.