Applying for Vakinn

We are in the process of making some changes on the arrangements of audits so unfortunately we can not process any applications at the moment. Please contact the Vakinn team for further information.

Participation in Vakinn involves commitments on behalf of participating companies. It is highly important that applicants familiarise themselves with the Vakinn terms before submitting an application. By submitting an application, applicants agree to the Vakinn terms of participation.  

From January 1st 2019, all participants in Vakinn must take part in the environmental system and fulfil at least the criteria for bronze classification.  

Applications for Vakinn participation are submitted through the Icelandic Tourist Board service portal (þjónustugátt) by using the company’s Íslykill or electronic ID.
(If a personal Íslykill or electronic ID is used, the access to the application and related documents through the service portal is restricted to the individual submitting the application).

It is important to study the following prior to submitting an application:


 Tourism Services Other than Accommodation:

 Environmental System:

  • Environmental criteria.
  • The checklist „On the Way to Sustainable Tourism“. 

Application Fee:

The application fee is ISK 35.000. An invoice for the application fee will be sent to the company’s online bank when Vakinn has received the application. If the application fee has not been paid on the final due date Vakinn will stop any further work on the application until payment has been made.

Please note:

  • The application fee is valid for one year. Companies that do not complete the process within a year must resubmit the application fee.
  • According to a contract between the Icelandic Tourist Board and Hey Iceland, members of Hey Iceland are exempt from paying the application fee. 

Following the Application

  1. The company receives a confirmation that Vakinn has received the application. Invoice for the application fee is sent to the company’s online bank. When Vakinn receives a verification of payment of the application fee, the name of the company is published on the list of companies under evaluation. Please note that if the application process is not completed within a year the application fee must be resubmitted.
  2. Prior to the initial audit, companies must submit a copy of the company’s safety plans along with a list of tour guides working on its behalf (if applicable) stating their education and experience. Accommodation providers aiming at higher star classifications must submit a description of how the company handles employee training and education.