Criteria & checklist

The environmental criteria are used to assess a company’s situation with regard to environmental issues and its relationship to the community. This is indeed what sustainability comprises, as well as economic factors. As a follow-up to the assessment, the company receives Bronze, Silver or Gold. Companies which already hold the Nordic Swan or The European Environmental Lable receive Gold without assessment, on condition that they fulfill a few additional requirements regarding social responsibility.

Please note that the following criteria are not up to date. Third edition of the environmental criteria was published in Icelandic on July 6th 2017; English version will be published in September.

Checklist and supporting materials

The environmental criteria are accompanied by a simple checklist (PDF) which helps to analyse the company’s position on its path towards sustainable tourism. The management of the company has to fill in this list when applying for the environmental grading. The checklist provides guidance as to what could be improved, as well as serving as a basis for an action plan. Other supporting materials are also enclosed with the criteria, such as monitoring forms, useful advice and suggestions for the company’s declaration of responsible and sustainable tourism.

The checklist gives guidance as to what could be improved and, at the same time, it provides a platform for an action plan.

Monitoring forms are available in Icelandic:

  1. Hot water usage
  2. Electricity use
  3. Waste management
  4. Fuel consumption