Criteria & checklist

Here, you can access the environmental criteria for silver and gold and other supporting materials related to the environmental part of Vakinn.

Checklist and supporting materials

The environmental criteria are accompanied by a checklist which helps to analyse the company´s position on its path towards sustainable tourism.  The checklist provides guidance of the company's present position, what could be improved, as well as serving as a basis for an action plan. Other supporting materials are also enclosed with the criteria, such as monitoring forms, useful advice and suggestions for the company´s declaration of responsible and sustainable tourism.

The checklist needs to be filled out thoroughly and submitted to a certification body. It is important to read and follow the instructions in the foreword.

Monitoring forms for hot water usage, electricity use, waste classification and fuel consumption are available in Icelandic.

Please note that it is not possible to apply only for Vakinn's environmental certification.