Criteria & checklist

The environmental criteria are used to assess a company´s situation with regard to environmental matters and its relationship to the community. This is indeed what sustainability comprises, as well as economic factors. As a follow-up to the assessment, the company receives Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

Checklist and supporting materials

The environmental criteria are accompanied by a checklist which helps to analyse the company´s position on its path towards sustainable tourism.  The checklist provides guidance as to what could be improved, as well as serving as a basis for an action plan. Other supporting materials are also enclosed with the criteria, such as monitoring forms, useful advice and suggestions for the company´s declaration of responsible and sustainable tourism.

The checklist gives guidance as to what could be improved and, at the same time, it provides a platform for an action plan.

Monitoring forms for hot water usage, electricity use, waste classification and fuel consumption are available in Icelandic: