Application Process


  • An application must be sent through the Icelandic Tourist Board portal. Members of the Vakinn team are ready to answer questions and assist.
  • Four certifications bodies are partners of the ITB and they offer audits according to Vakinn critera.
  • Applicants must choose one of the certification bodies and then follow the application process described below.
  • When Vakinn receives a confirmation from a certification body that a certification process has begun, the company´s name will be listed as a company under evaluation on Vakinn´s website.
  • Further information and guidance on audit arrangements can be found by contacting the certification bodies.

The following certification bodies offer certification according to Vakinn criteria:

Initial Audit

  1. Applicants must complete the general quality criteria for accommodation with written explanations on how the criteria is fulfilled. In some cases certain documents must be attached.
  2. The auditor evaluates the documents as well as the company´s website.
  3. If the auditor approves the documents as satisfactory, the company can at this point be certified. On the other hand, if the documents  are not satisfactory, an on site visit (cf. paragraph 4) is required before the certification can be completed.
  4. Within approximately three months from certification an auditor will come for an on-site visit. The purpose of this visit is to confirm that the company operates according to the applicable criteria and written documentation. Select general and specific quality criteria will be covered as well as the environmental criteria if applicable.
  5. During year two and three maintenance audits will be performed. These can be either unprepared visits or the certified company will need to send in updated information.

The above process applies to all accommodation categories as well as to one and two star hotels. Please note that three to five star hotels must follow a different procedure where on site visit is more detailed and will take place before the certification can be completed, usually within approx. two months after submitted documents.

 Examples of documents that must be sent to a certification body:

  1. List of employees/names. Overview of education/training of staff.
  2. Quality manual/employee handbook.
  3. Safety plan for the accommodation.
  4. Specific quality criteria applicable to the accommodation category - The checklist must be filled out with explanations.
  5. Completed checklist (“On the way to sustainable tourism”).
  6. And more

Please note that the applicant is responsible for the compilation and the content of the documents presented, including safety plans, and their implementation in the company operations.  

 New participants in Vakinn receive the following:

  • Vakinn certificate. 
  • Vakinn electronic logos to be displayed on the company website and in promotional materials. 

In addition the following are optional:

  • Vakinn sign -  Certified Accommodation/star rated hotel and environmental logo (bronze, silver or gold) – for displaying indoors or outdoors. 
  • Vakinn flag (where a flagpole is in place).
  • Vakinn logo stickers. 


  • Vakinn sign ISK 4.500
  • Flag ISK 3.400
  • Sticker 10x10 ISK 500