The official quality label

Only tourism businesses that maintain the highest standards in all aspects of business practices and meet VAKINN´S comprehensive assessment criteria have earned the right to carry VAKINN – the official quality label.

When you see a business displaying the VAKINN logo you
can be assured that it is trustworthy and professional.

  • For travellers, the VAKINN sign means that:

  • You will have a great tourism experience.

  • You can book with confidence.

  • The business operates in an ethical, professional and environmentally sustainable way.

  • Thanks to the star grade, you know in advance what you are buying.

  • The business has the required systems and policies for a safe and happy holiday in Iceland.

  • For the travel trade, VAKINN provides:

  • Independent assurance that your clients will receive quality tourism experiences.

  • Validation of insurance, safety and regulatory requirements.

  • Internationally recognized star grades so you know what you are selling.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer complaints.

  • For quality holiday experiences in Iceland, look for the VAKINN logo.

For quality holiday experiences in Iceland, look for the VAKINN logo!
  • Maria

    I believe it is healthy for all companies to undertake such consolidated self-criticism of their operations, and I think that it is an added benefit that we are then prepared for most, or all, of the unexpected occurrences that may crop up in the daily running of the service we provide. One feels satisfied after an overhaul of this type – just as one feels after a major spring cleaning.

    María Gísladóttir


  • Jón Baldur

    I am of the unshakeable belief that companies in the tourist industry that have taken up a quality control system provide a better and safer service than before. This is of benefit to tourists, the companies themselves and, last but not least, the country and its people. A win-win situation!

    Jón Baldur Þorbjörnsson

    Ísafold Travel

  • Jón Gestur

    With the coming of VAKINN we now have an important tool with which to support increased quality and safety in the tourist industry. This also gives foreign visitors the opportunity to choose recognised services using a coordinated system which has passed the standards set by an objective party.

    Jón Gestur Ólafsson

    Europcar Car Rental - Höldur

  • Eva Maria

    We decided to join VAKINN because we wanted to be active participants in the development of the country’s tourism industry, where issues such as quality, environmental matters, integrity, safety and ethics are a guiding light. We regard VAKINN as an efficient method of monitoring our internal operation which is externally reflected to our clients and partners.

    Eva María Thorarinsdottir Lange

    Pink Iceland


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    • Vakinn
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    • 101 Reykjavík
    • Phone: 535-5500
    • Business hours 8:30-16:00